1. Weeknotes 1

  2. Weeknotes 2

  3. Weeknotes 3

    A week of getting my head down with work, trying to cope with the banging and hammering of the building site surrounding three sides of our house. Some good news from my dad, and a little bit of a rant on Twitter.

  4. Weeknotes 4

  5. Weeknotes 5

    A week spent in Heidelberg full of cycling. More Brexit delays. And a phone contract for my eldest daughter who starts secondary school in September.

  6. Weeknotes 6

    A weekend in snowdonia, some rambling about marginal gains, and a visit to the theatre to see Tom Gates, a recent favourite series of children's books

  7. Weeknotes 7

    First weeknote for six weeks or so. Not doing so well at keeping this habit up. This week I talk about Where the Light Gets In, the soon-to-be-reborn Stockport, and a bunch of links I've enjoyed over the past few weeks.

  8. Weeknotes 8

    Last week I was at a cycling training camp in Gran Canaria to get me ready to ride La Marmotte in France in a few weeks time. It was a big week.

  9. Weeknotes 9

    These weeknotes seem to be turning into month notes. Oh well. This week - La Marmotte.

  10. Weeknotes 10

    Mallorca, Jellyfish stings, Cycling

  11. Weeknotes 11

    New iPhone, fish, and stocking up on wood for winter.

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  13. Weeknotes 14

  14. Weeknotes 16

  15. Weeknotes 17

    Sat on a train on the way back from Cambridge. Spending time staring out of the window realising I don't do enough of that.

  16. Weeknotes 18

    A sniffling cold. The last trip to Heidelberg for the year. The start of two weeks off.

  17. Weeknotes 19

    The cold turns into chest infection. The death of a design hero. An aside into purposeful inspiration and visual hoarding.

  18. Weeknotes 20

    The one where we went to Ynishir, I get over a bad chest infection, and I get my laptop repaired.