Mark Boulton

Weeknotes 18

  • I made a big decision this week. More on that in the New Year, though.
  • And, for the first time in a few years, I've started with a cold. Typical.
  • We're entertaining extended family this Christmas Day, so that means cooking for 11. I love it. It's the best time of Christmas for me. But, much to the complaining of the in-laws, I destroy the kitchen in the process. The food is good, but that obviously requires every pot, pan, gadget, and utensil to be used.
  • Looking forward to riding my bike over the next few weeks. Can't commit to the Rapha 500, but I'll be trying to get out at least every day or so. After my spill a couple of weeks ago, and the broken chain, I've since invested in a better multi-tool with a chain tool on it.
  • I'm on the last day of my last week of the year in Heidelberg. Two team nights out, some training. Packing up my little apartment as I'll be in hotels from now when I come over and stay. As much as it's a little, weird student bedsit, I'll miss it a bit. But only a bit.
  • This coming weekend will be our last D&D session for an adventure I started with my children and their friends this time last year. We've had several breaks as everyone was busy, so I'm looking forward to picking up the adventure on Sunday. The funny thing is that just about every session we play, the wizard of the party fumbles a spell cast (rolls a 1) and I try and make something funny happen. Last time, he sprouted mushrooms out of his ears for a round, the time before that, he encased his legs in ice. The kids find it very funny. Memories being made.
  • We bought a ridiculous Christmas tree last week. So large and heavy it needed small guy ropes to brace it against the walls and the stair banister so it wouldn't fall over. I blame my children for their cries of 'we need a bigger one!' as we walked around the Christmas tree farm.
  • Germany is big into Christmas which is nice. The night out in Heidelberg the other night was in amongst the many Christmas stalls selling gingerbread or würst. Glüewein was a must.
  • What struck me when I was walking down Hauptstrasse was all the shops were open and busy. The place was buzzing. Unlike many high streets in the UK. The difference between them? I think it's that the centre of Heidelberg is designed for people first, then bikes, then trams. Cars are last. And it's a small city, so getting about by those other forms of transport is easy and encouraged. When you design places for people, and put shops there, people walk to and around the shops. Pretty simple formula.
  • Update: this cold is the worst I’ve had in years. Currently in bed. No D&D today. Going to cough and splutter my way through Witcher. Merry Christmas!