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Building a UI Kit in Figma

Detailed, thought-provoking post detailing the building a UI kit in Figma. I've yet to use Figma in anger but am hearing more and more mentions bubble up in the Zeitgiest. I think the most impactful paragraph of all is the last:

And so it’s important to remember that a design system is not a series of tools, but a community instead.
. Quite.

Published on 18 Mar 2019

Using the iPad Pro as my development machine

Extensive write-up by Fatih Arslan on using the iPad Pro as a main development machine. After trying this a few weeks ago whilst I was on holiday in France, I wish I'd seen this before. There are considerable challenges, workarounds and hacks employed. For me, though, it came down to one simple thing: the iPad Pro is light and, when coupled with the keyboard, is no laptop device; you need to be working at a desk or table. Then, because of the small screen, it leads to poor posture by leaning ove...

Published on 18 Mar 2019

Sophisticated Partitioning with CSS Grid | Rob Weychert

Great piece from Rob on creating varying grid combinations using CSS Grid.

My initial orderly attempts responded directly to the tabular nature of the data, and they were easy to parse, but their sterility was at odds with their content. The point of the site is to share something I love, and these early ideas were all head and no heart.

Published on 11 Mar 2019

Five recommendations (and many examples) for how to nurture engagement in European newsrooms

I've spent my fair share of time around news rooms over the years, first with the BBC and then with clients when I ran Mark Boulton Design. This piece from Nieman Lab has some gems in it. This is a standout, though:

“Make internal culture change a priority”: Articulate your organization’s values, use your community as active citizens instead of product users, and set up steps to hold others in your organization accountable for engagement
Pretty much applies to most modern organisations, though. Mobilise your internal community around shared goals at the same time as paying attention to your users or customers.

Published on 08 Mar 2019

Going Offline—the talk of the book

Jeremy's latest post on his recent AEA talk got me thinking. Some useful QA in the post too as well as other books and stuff you should read.

Published on 08 Mar 2019

HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points

'Everyone is angry about CSS again'. Yep. Always.

Published on 31 Jan 2019

The right amount of perfect

I really like this idea. It's something I've tried to instill and do in many projects since running Mark Boulton Design, then at Monotype, and now at EMBL. The 'right amount of perfect' is never a perfect approach however. It's fine to do this in a project team that understands how web things are made. But when you're dealing with multiple teams, many stakeholders with different perspectives, then the 'figuring out phase' also becomes the 'showing how the sausage is made' stage. It requires coaching and a steady hand. Still sound advice, though.

Published on 31 Jan 2019

The “Hard-edge” of Graphic Design—One Abstract Painter’s Exploration of Early Computer Graphics

Published on 25 Jan 2019