Mark Boulton

I help in-house leaders and teams design sustainable products, websites, and services. Find out how I could help, or if you have a project in mind, I'd love to talk.

How I can help you?

Designing and building a new product

Take an idea, through research and prototyping, to a market-ready concept. This can be as short as a month, or as long as six. Typical activities and outcomes include: Digital brand, Art direction and concept creation, High fidelity prototyping across design software and browser-based. Example projects: Vogue

A trusted design partner

Many organisations lack senior strategic designers available for a fresh set of eyes or able to inject energy and momentum in flagging products and teams. I can help redefine strategy, apply it to products and teams, and help steer the ship through implementation. Example projects: CERN, ESPN

Design Leadership

I have effectively led colocated and distributed teams – sometimes across four timezones. I can help with creative direction, galvanising a team behind a strategy, or ensuring a holistic approach to design across product tribes. Example projects: Monotype, EMBL

Design systems

I've led multi-disciplinary design system teams and projects for the last ten years, more recently at Monotype and EMBL. Example projects: EMBL, Monotype, Al Jazeera

Conference talks on design systems

Articles on design systems

  • The Fast and Slow of Design

    Moving fast and breaking things tends to be at the expense of paying attention to slower, subtle, more stable, 'boring' aspects of a system. How can we create sustainable, balanced design systems that serve our companies and products for the long term?

  • Design Principles at EMBL

    How to create design principles that are derived from doing the work on a particular problem rather than principles which are imposed on the work. An important difference.

  • Design Systems and Postel's Law

    Collaborating across an organisation to create a meaningful, impactful design system means you have to be liberal in what you accept from others into the system. Be it code, thoughts, design work, content, or criticism.

  • Design Systems in difficult places

    Some tips on how to design, produce and maintain a design system in a difficult organisational environment.

Let's talk. Do you have a project you'd like me to work on? Does your organisation need help scaling design? How about you have a short term gap for a design director in your team?

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