I help in-house leaders and teams design sustainable products, websites, and services. Find out how I could help, or if you have a project in mind, I’d love to talk.

  • I believe in teams. The right team, with the right support, can do anything.
  • I believe in the right fidelity design at the right time.
  • There is no substitute for getting my work in front of users.
  • Prototypes win. I prefer working things, not pictures of how things should work.

Selected clients

Head of Product Design at Europe's biggest Fintech
Consulting for the Google Fonts team
Babylon Health
Consulting on accessible typography for Babylon's design system
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Design leadership as Head of Digital for Europe's flagship life science organisation
Condé Nast/Vogue
Design Director leading a rapid design system pilot for a new design system for Vogue
Leading digital design in Monotype's brand and Creative Professional teams
Creative Director for the redesign of CERN's public websites in readiness for the Higgs Boson discovery announcement
Al Jazeera
Leading the redesign of Al Jazeera's web properties across English, Arabic, Turkish, and the Balkan states.
Design Director for the design of ESPN's first design system.

Side projects

Sector knowledge

  • Scientific Institutions
  • Public organisations
  • News, media, and editorial
  • Typography and font industry
  • Creative professional


  • Conceptual design
  • Design strategy
  • Design leadership and management
  • Design systems
  • Enterprise scale publishing platforms
  • Digital type specimens
  • Digital typography

How I can help

Designing and building a new product

Take an idea, through research and prototyping, to a market-ready concept. This can be as short as a month, or as long as six. Typical activities and outcomes include: Digital brand, Art direction and concept creation, High fidelity prototyping across design software and browser-based.

A trusted design partner

Many organisations lack senior strategic designers available for a fresh set of eyes or able to inject energy and momentum in flagging products and teams. I can help redefine strategy, apply it to products and teams, and help steer the ship through implementation.

Design Leadership

I have effectively scaled and led colocated and distributed teams – sometimes across four timezones. I can help with creative direction, galvanising a team behind a strategy, or ensuring a holistic approach to design across product tribes.

Design systems

I’ve led multi-disciplinary design system teams and projects for the last ten years, more recently at Monotype and EMBL.