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Weeknotes 11

New iPhone, fish, and stocking up on wood for winter.

The Ugly Truth about Design Systems

A few weeks ago I presented at

Weeknotes 10

Mallorca, Jellyfish stings, Cycling

Weeknotes 9

These weeknotes seem to be turning into month notes. Oh well. This week - La Marmotte.

Weeknotes 8

Last week I was at a cycling training camp in Gran Canaria to get me ready to ride La Marmotte in France in a few weeks time. It was a big week.

Weeknotes 7

First weeknote for six weeks or so. Not doing so well at keeping this habit up. This week I talk about Where the Light Gets In, the soon-to-be-reborn Stockport, and a bunch of links I've enjoyed over the past few weeks.

Weeknotes 6

A weekend in snowdonia, some rambling about marginal gains, and a visit to the theatre to see Tom Gates, a recent favourite series of children's books

Weeknotes 5

A week spent in Heidelberg full of cycling. More Brexit delays. And a phone contract for my eldest daughter who starts secondary school in September.

A Child's Phone Contract

Our eldest daughter is soon moving to secondary school a short bus journey away from our house. Many of her friends already own and use phones regularly. For a while, Emma and I have resisted but as she will be making her way to the school independently, for her safety and our piece of mind, we thought a phone would be a good idea.

Weeknotes 4