Mark Boulton


Weeknotes 6

A weekend in snowdonia, some rambling about marginal gains, and a visit to the theatre to see Tom Gates, a recent favourite series of children's books

Weeknotes 5

A week spent in Heidelberg full of cycling. More Brexit delays. And a phone contract for my eldest daughter who starts secondary school in September.

A Child's Phone Contract

Our eldest daughter is soon moving to secondary school a short bus journey away from our house. Many of her friends already own and use phones regularly. For a while, Emma and I have resisted but as she will be making her way to the school independently, for her safety and our piece of mind, we thought a phone would be a good idea.

Weeknotes 4

Weeknotes 3

A week of getting my head down with work, trying to cope with the banging and hammering of the building site surrounding three sides of our house. Some good news from my dad, and a little bit of a rant on Twitter.

Weeknotes 2

Weeknotes 1

The Fast and Slow of Design

Write it down

A post in which I outline my little method for getting people to think before asking.

Editorial planning with Trello and Zapier

A post in which I describe how we use Zapier and Trello at EMBL to figure out our editorial calendar