Mark Boulton


Weeknotes 20

The one where we went to Ynishir, I get over a bad chest infection, and I get my laptop repaired.

Maam as in jam

The day I went to Buckingham Palace, queued for a sandwich and accidentally met the Queen.

Moving on from EMBL

I'm leaving EMBL in a few weeks. Do you have a project or role in which you'd think I'd be a good fit? Then get in touch!

That was the year that was

A year end recap. A bit of reflecting on the last decade. Some grumbling about Brexit, but that's the last time, I promise. It's been a while since I wrote an end of year summary post.

Weeknotes 19

The cold turns into chest infection. The death of a design hero. An aside into purposeful inspiration and visual hoarding.

Weeknotes 18

A sniffling cold. The last trip to Heidelberg for the year. The start of two weeks off.

Weeknotes 17

Sat on a train on the way back from Cambridge. Spending time staring out of the window realising I don't do enough of that.

Weeknotes 16

Weeknotes 15

The monthly trip to Heidelberg, a couple of films, dodging ill people, familiarising myself with horrible things like risk registers.

Weeknotes 14