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A new design. Some new bits and pieces. An an awful lot of new stuff under the hood.


In which I announce I'm starting a new job at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Defining design principles at EMBL

How I define design principles and specifically for EMBL.

Moving on from Monotype

In which I announce I'm leaving the company that bought my company three years ago.

Design systems and Postel’s law

What do design systems and Postel’s law have in common?

Design systems in difficult places

How to go about creating, launching and managing a design system in a place that makes it hard to do so.

The difference between a goldfish and a human

On Marginal Degredation and how tiny, little deviations from a product design, or brand, can have a massive, cumulative effect.

Designing a good portfolio

An article about how to design a portfolio and my experience of applying advice from one of the first Art Directors I worked with.

A Design SDK

How we can create design SDKs to ensure our design work is progressed in the right way with other designers

Visual Design might be a thing

In which I disagree with my previous articles