Don’t under-estimate the value of routine.

Routine can be an anchor in rough seas. When things are hard, simple routines provide a comfort. It could be having a coffee at a particular time of day, or sitting with your cat for a quiet 5 minutes. But routine can be for others too, and they can also be for your team.

Started by my ex-colleague Christian Palino, every Friday afternoon I post an update to my team.

There are the usual reminders and logistics. Updates on going projects or company news. But often - with communication already high in the team - I’m repeating myself. I was asked this week ‘if you have nothing to say, then why do them?’

Even if there are no real updates there is always something to say. In those moments, I write about something that happened to me this week. A small anecdote. Something human. Something grounding. No design mic-drops. No condescending words of wisdom.

Just a few words, regular as clockwork.

An anchor in rough seas.