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  • Astro

    Looks interesting. But, does shipping with very little javascipt mean building with lots?

  • I helped pioneer UX design. What I see today horrifies me


    Agile’s success at the expense of UX is just one manifestation of a deeper truth: Businesses want scaling. And foundational UX work doesn’t scale. It doesn’t lend itself to predictable, repeatable processes and generic cookie-cutter roles. It can’t, because by definition it deals with unknown, slippery, hard-to-define problems that characterize the leading edge of an organically evolving business.

  • Encouraging a community to contribute to a design system | by Tosin Balogun | May, 2021 | Medium

    Always the problem...

    The problem we had with the NHS design system was that the product worked, the support service was reliable, but the community was not feeding back into the system enough. This meant that the team had little insight into how the system was performing, a major risk when you consider how fast things change in the digital world. The question then becomes “Why are people in the community not contributing back into the system”

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    🎧 Well, this is rather good.