Mark Boulton


Grid, content re-ordering and accessibility

I've long held the belief that source order in HTML should follow visua hierarchical order. For the most part I think that holds up, but sometimes you might purposefully want to mess with it. Rachel makes the case for better CSS and tools to allow this for a11y concerns.

Published on 05 Jun 2019

What Does It Mean to Decolonize Design?

A thought-provoking article from Eye Magazine on Decolonisation in relation to design. Removing one's self from cultural and 'colonial' bias as a designer is challenging, particularly for people like me: male and white, born into a middle class family in the UK with a good education. Lessons to learn.

“For far too long, designers have remained married to the concept that what we do is neutral, universal, that politics has no place in design,” says Abdulla. Yet the choices we make as designers are intrinsically political: With every design choice we make, there’s the potential to not just exclude but to oppress; every design subtly persuades its audience one way or another and every design vocabulary has history and context. Learning about the history of colonialism will open our eyes to how power structures have formed society today, and how they dominate our understanding of design.

Published on 05 Jun 2019

You got this. | Zeldman on Web & Interaction Design

Published on 24 May 2019

Why so much “science” used in design is bullshit: Android, Losada and Frankfurt. | MJ Parnell

Published on 26 Apr 2019

Chalet - House Industries

Chalet is clean, simple and versatile sans-serif font from House Industries.

Published on 26 Apr 2019

RP - Specimen

RP is a small scale digital type-foundry established in 2009 by Radim Peško. The foundry is focused on the development of fonts that are both formally and conceptually distinctive.

Published on 26 Apr 2019 is just-in-time preloading – preloading a page just before a user clicks the link by measuring the time spent in a 'hover' state. Apparently, when a user has hovered for 65ms or more, there is a 50% chance they will click that link, so loads the page then giving the impression that it's an instant page load when clicked. Nifty.

Published on 16 Apr 2019

Helvetica Now

Helvetica Now Font: Every single glyph of Helvetica has been redrawn and redesigned for this expansive new edition

Published on 09 Apr 2019