Mark Boulton


MonoLisa - A font family designed for software developers. Font follows function.

Lovely mono typeface designed for coding. The website is delightful, especially the little theme swtcher at the top.

As software developers, we always strive for better tools but rarely consider font as such. Yet we spend most of our days looking at screens reading and writing code. Using a wrong font can negatively impact our productivity and lead to bugs. MonoLisa was designed by professionals to improve developers’ productivity and reduce fatigue.


A free, open source, powerful tool for working with messy data

Wash Your Lyrics

I will now be washing my hands to lyrics of Master of Puppets by Metallica.

How to cross post to Medium

Nifty little service from a while ago from Remy on how to automatically cross-post from to Medium from your RSS feed.

Radical Design

Refreshing site for Jack's upcoming design course.

New Google Fonts

As you'd expect. Clean, functional, a bit delightful. Impressive offering from Google just got a little bit better. Oh, and, Variable Fonts!

An old and stable font format

This, we hope, will serve not only to highlight forward capabilities that are possible with our suggestions, but also to assure web typographers that there is a way for typographic code on the web to fall back, since many conditions—slow connections, older systems, and so on—will force the presentation to do so.

💭🦠 Coronavirus on the Latin Bridge - Exponential View

Remote everything - we’ll travel less.
. Grim overview of the effect of Covid-19. But, the rich folk look happy: Zoom stock is up 50% in the past three months.