Mark Boulton

Weeknotes 16

  • I'm writing this with my thumb wrapped in about twelve plasters as I try to deal with – what I think – is a small splinter under my thumbnail. This happened before, about three years ago, in Portugal, and it ended up with a doctors visit and a bit of self surgery. I'm trying magnesium paste and plasters and we'll see how it goes. Turns out I use the side of my thumb quite a lot on the trackpad and typing.
  • We had the first weekend at home as a family together for what felt like ages. It was nice. I cooked roast beef and Yorkshire puddings yesterday. The Yorkshire's turned out pretty well I'm pleased to report. Very hot oil is indeed the key.
  • On Saturday afternoon I was all set and looking forward to a lovely couple of hours on the bike outdoors. There was a lull in the wind and rain and it was mild for once. However, thirty five minutes into my ride, whilst powering up a little hill, my chain snapped. At first, I thought it was the new chain link I'd put on in the morning, but it had snapped elsewhere and was unrepairable. Annoyingly, my multi-tool I carry on my bike didn't have a chain tool either! I had to walk/coast home. Luckily it was only a couple of miles, though, and downhill for the most part. It all could've been a lot worse.
  • Last week everyone was sick and I started feeling iffy on Thursday, so I took Friday off. It's taken me several decades to realise that the sooner I take time off and sit and literally do nothing, the faster I recover. I spent Friday morning snoring through The Irishman. A ninety minute film that took two hours to end.
  • My experience of the Irishman reminded me of my experience of Pulp Fiction. To this day, a film I've never watched from start to finish in one go. I've pieced it together in my head but it's probably a completely different film there. And, you know what? I'm ok with that.
  • This coming week I'm off to Cambridge, and then off to Heidelberg for the last time this year. I have to move out of my little time-share apartment and store all my stuff at the hotel across the road. I said 'I have a bike and a few bits and bobs'. 'Fine', they said. Let's see their reaction when I turn up with two massive holdalls and a turbo trainer. And a bike.