It is with great pleasure that, today, after much discussion, I can announce that Five Simple Steps will be publishing The Icon Handbook by Jon Hicks later this year.

Icon design is hard. I find it one of the most challenging aspects of our craft. It’s a complex process with a fair degree of magic involved. But with all Five Simple Steps titles, our aim is to break down the ‘magic’ and complexity into something that is practical. Something you can do today, even if it’s just a simple technique.

Jon’s work is everywhere in my dock. The Firefox logo, Shopify, Silverback, Thunderbird, Mailchimp. The list goes on. I couldn’t think of anyone more suitable to explain to us all how he creates such beautiful and distinctive work. We know this book means a lot to him. He’s thought a lot about it for many years now, and finally, he’s at a place where he wants to write it and we’re thrilled he’s chosen us to help him create a beautifully designed and produced book.

More details will be forthcoming on when it will be available and what will be covered, please follow Five Simple Steps on Twitter to keep up to date with where we’re up to.

Excited? I can barely contain myself!