Today, the small design agency I run announced our plans to hire a Web Design Apprentice. It’s something that has been in my mind for ages now, but we’ve finally had the time to work out exactly what the role will be, how this person will work with us, and how, after 2 years we can make you into a web designer.

Why an Apprentice?

Internships are the norm in our industry. I did it, and it was mostly great. But the thing is; it didn't pay well and I was only there for a few months. At which point, I was only just learning the ropes and finding my feet in the company. Then it was time to move on.

As is natural in a busy studio environment, dedicating the time to an intern is challenging. They’re there to learn, sure, but there is typically no program of learning with an outcome. You’re there to soak it up. Whatever it is.

An Apprentice is something completely different. It’s a commitment to teach and nurture you over a given period of time. You’ll also be earning as you learn. It’s providing web design education in a way that is supportive and fair, but most of all: industry-relevant.

Are you our Apprentice?

If you're reading this thinking 'I'd love to do that', then I want to hear from you. Pop over to the page on Mark Boulton Design and read the application details very carefully.