24 Ways (to impress your friends) is something us webby types look forward to every year. This web advent calendar, as they say in TV and Radio, is an ‘appointment to view’. This year is no different, but, together with Five Simple Steps, Drew and Brian have been working on something that’ll keep you entertained for just that little bit longer.

At dConstruct in September this year, I sat down with Brian, Drew and Rachel and we hatched a little idea of doing something special this year for 24 ways. Making something permanent. An opportunity to make some money for charity too. Today sees the launch of The 24 Ways Annual 2010. A limited edition, beautiful printed annual with all proceeds of sales going to UNICEF *.

What I love about this is that we have a genuine opportunity to do some good in the world. We’re aiming to sell 5000 copies of this. If we do, and we manage to snag a sponsor who is willing to foot the bill for the print costs, that means we donate £37,500 to UNICEF (that’s about $58,000). That’s enough to do some serious good for children across the world who are a lot less fortunate than ours.

The Annual is only going to be on sale throughout December. We stop selling it on the last day of December. Then we print the copies we’ve sold. That’s it. No more. It’s strictly limited edition. So, what can you expect? Well…

  • 24 Superb articles, beautifully designed and typeset.
  • Superb cover and supporting illustrations by Migy.
  • Bespoke packaging.
  • About 80 pages printed full colour on uncoated recycled paper.
  • A nice warm glow as you contribute to UNICEF.
  • We begin shipping late January 2011

We’re so thrilled to be involved in this with the guys at 24 Ways. We thrilled to part of the 24 Ways annual rollercoaster and, for us, today is only the start. But, oh, we’re looking forward to it.

  • All the proceeds will go to UNICEF if we secure sponsorship for the print run and additional costs. If you’re reading this and want to know more, then head over to Five Simple Steps and download the sponsorship pack.