Over on the Five Simple Steps blog, Alex Morris (our User Experience Design Director at Mark Boulton Design) has posted a piece on why we don't give away free multi-format books, and why producing good quality eBooks takes time.

Deep within this post is one line that pretty much sums up the ethos behind what we should all be doing as designers and business owners:

Saying no is an important thing for any company that cares about their products.

We say 'no' every day. In fact, more than we say 'yes'. Saying no:

  • is a place to begin constructive discussion
  • gives you the power to retain your integrity
  • generally leads to things being better (products, your sanity, your design work, your clients, your projects)
  • gives you balance in your life

Everybody wants to please other people. Even now, I struggle with saying no. I'm too generous with my time. Too eager to please my family, friends, clients and customers. Everytime I say 'yes', when I'd rather say 'no', is time away from myself. And, if you're like me, time to yourself is what keeps you sane.

So, do yourself a favour. Say no.