On Sunday night, Emma and I braved the cold South Wales weather to venture into Cardiff to see probably our favourite rock band at the moment, Muse.

They were good. Ridiculously good actually.

I didn’t take that many shots - the problem with being vertically challenged in a nation of increasingly taller people

I’ve seen a fair few rock bands over the years (sounding like a right old timer now), from large Arena tours to tiny pub bands. Muse however, needed to be in a large venue with a big crowd. In fact, I thought Cardiff CIA wasn’t a great venue for their music. Muse need somewhere special for their venues; maybe some tumbled down warehouse or ruined turn-of-the-century mill.  I’m not going to harp on about the crap venue, the smell of burnt cheese form the sandwich vendor, the girl who was clapping and dancing out of time or the shockingly bad support act.

I was totally blown away by the musical ability of the band. Matthew Bellamy, the band’s guitarist, pianist and lead vocalist, is such a talented bugger. I play a bit of guitar myself (having done so for about fifteen years) and was blown away with some of the technical difficulty of what he was playing whilst singing. Like I say, ridiculous.

My ears have just about recovered which leaves plenty of time until the next rock band I’m ticking of the list in February: Nine Inch Nails.