Update - I’ve tried to get this to work with the plugin but it just wasn’t happening so I’ve used the original open source javascript with this and hacked away at it to play ball with EE. I’ve also managed to get an indication of if a search is taking place (a spinny thing). Next, I’ve got to sort out the styling and make sure the results functionality is working ok.

I’ve been trying to improve the search function on this site for a while now and after many a sketch I’ve now come to a conclusion and I thought I’d open it up for ridicule constructive feedback.

My brief to myself for could be broken down like this:

  1. Incorporate a global search which looks like a global search accessible from the same place on every page.
  2. Use a live search type functionality to display results without going to a result page

One of the major problems with trying to incorporate a search box at the top of this design is there is simply no where to put it without ruining the balance and composition which the design currently has. So, if the search box goes up here it needs to be hidden and toggled on and off. The natural position for this toggle is with the rest of the global ‘functional’ links on the top right.

Clicking this would reveal the search box, you search and get your results. Easy enough.

Of course I have been inspired by Spotlight, and many other blogs which have implemented this functionality and I can really see the benefit. The trouble I had was mainly integrating it with the design.

The bulk of the backend functionality was handled by a plugin for Expression Engine but as it’s in beta, it is a little flaky.

Anyway, enough of the chatter. The reason for this post is to ask a favour. Can you please have a look at it, let me know what you think, tell me if it breaks in all the browsers. This will be far more productive than me trying to test it before I roll it out across the site.


Thanks for your help