No kidding, soon I’m going to have my own shed full of gadgets, sitting in amongst them giggling like a schoolgirl.

Or maybe not.

What I have done though is sorted out my backup situation following my external hard drive failure after installing Tiger.

After much research I’ve opted for buying a Linksys NSLU2 (or ‘Slug’ as it’s also known) and a Lacie 250gb triple interface drive for my backup needs. This saves me a bit of cash over most of the other all-in-one consumer NAS solutions.

The NSLU2 is actually turning out to be an interesting bit of kit.

It’s basically a interface between external hard drives or flash drives (USB2 x 2 ports) and an existing ethernet network (ethernet port x 1). The cool thing is it runs a stripped down version of Linux and has a rather large development community dedicated to hacking the crap out of it.

Some interesting things you can do with this seemingly remarkable bit of hardware:

All of this does require a bit of, or a lot of, unix familiarity (which I am not, at all) so we’ll see how thing progess once I get it set up next week.

Now all I have to do is wait for Apple to fix the ongoing wireless problems I’ve got with the Netgear router.