This morning I received some sad news in my Inbox. After 21 years of being published, Emigr? magazine is finally calling it a day.

I don’t really know where to begin when describing the effect Emigr? has on my path to become a designer. I’m sure I speak for a lot of designers when I say Emigr? deeply influenced my work throughout university - Not just in terms of how the magazine was designed, and the beautiful typography, but by the articles themselves.

Emigr? has attracted, over the years, some influential and intelligent contributors. It is these people, through this medium, that are challenging design at a fundamental level. Now that’s gone, what’s left?

Well, there’s Eye, which is ok, although I’ve always felt that Emigr? had a broader editorial remit and therefore actually made it less of an industry journal and more of, well, a good read. Being a member, I also recieve the International Society of Typographic Designers journal, TypoGraphic, every quarter or so. Typographic is a bloody good read, especially focussing on the craft side of typographic design. It can be a little old skool at times, but if you get the chance, pick a copy up and judge for yourself.

So, there we have it, damn shame if you ask me. Better snap up those back issues quick. Where’s my credit card…