It’s been a good while since I’ve talked about any work Mark Boulton Design has been up to. That’s mostly because the projects we’ve been working on have been under wraps. Until now that is. One project is now live, the other coming very, very soon.

Coolspotters: If it’s cool, they’ve seen it

Fanzter, Inc hired Mark Boulton Design last year to design their new web application, Coolspotters. Coolspotters is a consumer-focussed site that offers an experience that could shift the way people discover great products.

Coolspotters Logo: Designed by Mark Boulton Design Ltd.

The design challenge was considerable—from the branding to designing the UX. We worked closely with Fanzter, drawing on our experience with working client-side, to hone the product over many iterations. I don’t mind saying, the result of this close collaboration is fantastic. But, you may have to wait a few weeks before getting to grips with the site as Fanzter are opening it up for beta applications now, before launching proper shortly.

Garcia Media

Garcia Media is one of the world’s leading news design studios. Designing publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Miami Herald, Die Zeit and small community papers, they have unparalleled experience and an industry reputation to boot.

Redesigned Garcia Media website

I had the pleasure of working with Dan and Alex Rubin on the design, as well as the in-house team at Garcia Media. Mario Garcia, Jr. has penned a blog post on the site that explains the background, design and implementation much better than I ever could.

Coming up…

We’re thrilled to be working on some incredibly exciting projects at the moment—from FTSE 100 corporate redesigns and web applications for TV networks. Through to small, simple websites for companies with a great idea. In addition to the web work, there are a few exciting things happening behind the scenes at Mark Boulton Design that hopefully I’ll be able to talk about really soon.

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So, I’ve talked about my work. How about you talk about yours? What have you been up to? I’d love to hear. Feel free to link it up (although not too many as EE will spit your comment back at you!)