As you may know, Leisa Reichelt and I have been working for the past year or so with the Drupal community; first on the redesign of, then the User Experience project for Drupal 7. Since then, I’ve been using Drupal more and more. My company has hired two Drupal developers, we use Drupal 6 every day to build new sites and applications for ourselves and for our clients. Throughout all of this work, there is one thing lacking: Drupal does not do a great job at providing an admin for content creators.

During the D7UX project, we defined two personas: Verity and Jeremy. Let’s focus on Verity for a moment. Verity is a content creator. She’s not a developer. She doesn’t care how Drupal works, she doesn’t need to know Drupal terminology. All she needs to do is manage her content. Then she leaves work and goes home to do other things. Verity needs the admin of Drupal to help her do her daily job. Currently, Drupal doesn’t do a great job of that. That’s where Project Verity comes in.

Project Verity launched today. Leisa and the team at Mark Boulton Design are teaming up to design a paid/premium admin theme for Drupal 6 designed to make you look good and your clients feel great. From the Project Verity site:

The Verity Theme (a paid/premium admin theme for Drupal 6) will allow you to hand over a website backend that you can feel proud of, that has a great User Experience and that continues the great design experience you’ve created for the front end through to your clients experience of managing the website. You develop the site in whatever theme you like, then when you’re done developing, switch to the Verity theme to create a user experience specifically designed for content creators like Verity.

I’m very excited about this little project.

We’re designing in the open – as we did with the two other previous Drupal related projects. We’re doing this at the blog at Project Verity, and you can keep up to date by following the Twitter account:

For more information about Verity, read today’s announcement and find out if Project Verity is for you.