I’m very pleased to announce that, yesterday, Five Simple Steps launched A Practical Guide to Web App Success from Dan Zambonini. You can buy it now in DRM-free ePub, PDF and mobi formats bundle for just £15.

A Practical Guide to Web App Success by Dan Zambonini

Like our other Practical Guide books, Dan’s book is very useful. It’s about taking that might seem overwhelming, complex or just plain big, and breaking it down into manageable, empowering chunks. For almost anyone working on the web, but particularly for designers and developers wanting to take an idea to market, this book is a great place to get an understanding of what’s involved; starting from a scratchy beginning of a side project to a full-time venture.

Personally, what I got from Dan’s book was enough breadth to make me believe I could do the same. Not only that, but that it might just be a success.

Of course, it looks great. Our designer Nick, and particularly our new apprentice at Mark Boulton Design, Colin, have spent many weeks crafting a beautiful experience.

.Net magazine have published a sample chapter on ‘Prototypes and User Tests’, and of course, you could download the sample from the Five Simple Steps website if you wanted to see what it’s all about.

We’re thrilled to bits with it. If you pick a copy up, please let us know what you think @fivesimplesteps.