Mark Boulton

11 days and no updates?

That's correct, 11 days and counting. So, what's up? Well, I'm ill again and been off work now for two weeks and counting - what's up? Well, I have a very angry colon which isn't too much fun. I'm on some rather strong drugs and to be honest this site is really the least of my worries at the moment. But...

I've almost finished the latest in the grid series, which is proving to be much more than a 'Simple Step', maybe I need to rename that series eh? Either that or just make them smaller and, well, simpler. I've got some other articles in works too, one of which isn't going to be published here, but will hopefully bring some sense to wayfinding on the web and how we can draw on signage design to do that. That's something I'm really interested at the moment and will touch on semiotics (still doing the research though).

So, please do keep checking in. I've not gone, or given up, just having a bit of a rest.