Like Jeremy, I’m such a blogwhore.

And, like Jeremy, I was contacted a while ago by the nice people at Sumo, asking if I wanted an Omni in exchange for a blog post.

Yes, like I said, I’m a blogwhore too.

When I was a kid, my brother and I had beanbags to sit on when we watched tv, or played with lego. We would use them as islands, ships, weapons, dens. Many hours went by trying to find the most comfortable, or damaging, beanbag configuration for the particular task at hand:

The Egg

There was the ‘egg’, as demonstrated by position five on the Omni page. This was great for general TV watching, providing good support. The downside is, it’s difficult to get up out of. As Emma said, ‘you don’t want to sit down on this when you’re pregnant’.

The Pancake

So called because it’s flat. This configuration provided perfect cushioning for many, many hours of lego assemblage. It also doubled up as a nice bed, or landing platform for the death-defying jump from the 5th step on the stairs.

The Ball

Pick the beanbag up, let all the filling fall to the bottom, spin the bag until you have a nice handle with a tight, heavy ball at the bottom. The perfect clubbing weapon.

There were probably more, but those three were the favourites.

So, when the Omni arrived, all these memories quickly came flooding back. Sadly, it’s too big for the The Ball (and yes, I did try).

I opted for a lime green bag (as you can see, I’m a sucker for lime green). The first thing that struck me was the scale of these things - they’re enormous. Alys quite likes it too, although is somewhat dwarfed. They’re made out of this tough-as-nails nylon (so would be perfect for The Ball if they weren’t so large).

Emma and I decided in the end that it was just a little too large for our house. So, it’s now providing ample seating provision for the Mark Boulton Design library.