Trying a different format this week. More notey. Less long form.

  • Last week was pretty hectic with work. A trip over to Heidelberg for one day for a workshop followed by a return home to a bunch of admin stuff.
  • I did a bunch of things to site and will continue to finally start fleshing it out with the speaking gigs I’ve done over the years, more of an expansive bio, and the odd blog post probably. I fixed my RSS feeds – more on that later. I seem to have a bit more of a renewed energy in it. Probably something to do with off season for the cycling.
  • Cycling training continues. Goals for next year aren’t firmly set at all yet. Might do La Marmotte again, or maybe the Pyrenees version which includes the Tourmalet and Hautacam. My coach runs a training camp in May in Spain which I quite fancy attending.
  • On Sunday, though, I tweaked my left quad again after my warm up. As soon as my power went up around 3w/kg, I felt a pinch and then pain. I’ll do the warmup in today’s session and see how I get on.
  • I got hold of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare the other day. I haven’t played for years after the game went away from how I enjoy to play it – sat in a bush, sniping from long distance. Thankfully, there is a bit of a return to this style of play. Or at least making it possible again. I’m enjoying. The dog, however, isn’t. I like to think I’m desensitising him to loud noises.
  • Emma and I enjoyed a child free evening on Saturday. This happens, maybe, once a year. We went into Cowbridge, drank cocktails and ate tapas. Early table, though. They could only fit us in at 6pm. It was nice. Cowbridge is a funny place geographically – it’s in between Bridgend and Cardiff – so it’s a bit of a nightmare to get a cab home. Normally, we have to ring about an hour before we want one. We tried this tactic on Saturday but they had a cab immediately available in Cowbridge. We were home by 20:15. We’re so old.
  • Work is progressing well. We’re almost at that point that we’re able to design and build things quickly. But it’s taken over a year of foundational work on a publishing platform, design system, and audit upon audit. Really, though, most of the work has been just reaching agreement.