{title}It’s that time of year again. Mobile phone upgrade time.

For the past year I’ve been pretty pleased with my Nokia 6210. Yes, it’s a bit old and clunky and yes, it isn’t supported by iSync, but it’s been good to me. However, I’m feeling the need to become organised again. I’m also getting slightly nervous about replication of data on my various computers (work, home, and laptop) and could do with a phone which *is* supported by iSync to make things slightly easier.

So, What would you recommend?

I’ve had problems with Sony Ericsson before simply because I’ve never really got on with their UI. I’ve almost always used Nokia phones since about 1997, so I’m pretty much institutionalised with their operating system. For a while there though, Nokia made disgusting phones, which is why I switched over the Sonys. One Nokia has caught my eye though: the 6280.

It’s a good looking phone. I guess that’s why I like it. And, to boot, it ticks all but one of the checklist:

  • Fit in back pocket
  • Looks good
  • Small and light
  • Bluetooth
  • Makes phone calls
  • Camera

Which leaves one big, black mark: No iSync support.

So, what’s a bloke supposed to do? Manually do everything? Don’t think so. Has anyone any other suggestions for a good phone?