For the last couple of years, I hadn’t really bothered summarising the year on this blog. Which is a real shame, actually, because now I kind of don’t remember what happened in detail – only the big moments. So, this post is really just a reminder for me of what happened with me this year so in later years, I can look back all wistfully and what I can look forward to next year…


The start of the year got off to a typically hectic start. Mark Boulton Design were knee deep in a big design and technical project working with – the then development release – of Drupal 7. Leisa Reichelt and I announced our little side project on trying to make Drupal 6 (and eventually 7) a nicer place for content creators and administrators: Project Verity. There was snow and ice. For the first time in nearly ten years of living by the coast, Emma, Alys and I were snowed in. It was Emma's birthday. Nick (my brother) and I cook a Thai feast for eight guests. It was fun.


Went snowboarding to Chamonix with family. No new snow in a week. Cold and icy. Not so great for snowboarders. Malarkey and I sat in an old pub and discussed an idea that came to fruition later in the year.


Attended the best web conference in Seattle. An Event Apart was astoundingly good. Released my book online, for free.


Alys' 2nd birthday. How time flies.


My birthday. Three more years and I'll be 40.


Went on a short break with the family. I spoke at @Media Web Directions on Designing Grid Systems. Five Simple Steps turns the dial up and launches A Practical Guide to Information Architecture by Donna Spencer.


Emma and I spend a child-free couple of days in Amsterdam thanks to my parents.


Five Simple Steps is in launch mode as we publish Brian Suda's A Practical Guide to Designing with Data. Speak at DrupalCon Copenhagen.


Went on holiday to Portugal. Attended my brother's wedding in Portugal. Gave a workshop at dConstruct in Brighton.


Spoke at Webdagene on Designing Grid Systems. Ate raw whale sushimi. It was amazing. Spoke at Web Developer's Conference about clients. Launched Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke. It was a big hit.


Attended Build in Belfast. The conference, like last year, was a special little event with a great community. I'll be back again next year. Thought I was going to die in a plane crash on the return from Belfast. Three failed attempts to land with a diversion to Birmingham. Went to Portugal to work on my book. Procrastinated and redesigned this blog.


Together with 24 Ways, launched The Annual – a limited edition, printed magazine - and raised over £10,000 for UNICEF.

Next year is looking great. I’m honoured to be speaking at New Adventures, DrupalCon Chicago and An Event Apart in Boston. I’m publishing my second book on Designing Grid Systems. We’re working on some great projects at Mark Boulton Design for some wonderful clients. Five Simple Steps has a couple of big projects in the works next year. Once again, it’s looking busy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As always, I have a few personal goals for 2011:
Make yoga part of my day
Lose weight and get in shape
Delegate my work
Do more designing, less managing.
Do less designing, more living.
Support my family the best I can.

I’d like to wish all of you a happy new year.