That is the question.

I bought my iMac G5 almost a year ago and according to Apple’s nice serial number tester thing (which now sports a nice bit of AJAX) I have exactly 19 days in which to buy Applecare if I want it.

So, do I?

It’s a ?139 for an additional two years of warranty. Not too bad on the face of it. But then I got thinking about the way the G5 iMac is built.

A lot of the G5 iMac is designed to replaced by the user at home using a few tools and detailed instructions from Apple’s websites. In the past when computer’s have broken down, you’ve had to send them off or get experts to fix them, and there’s the cost. So, does apple’s new strategy with the iMac get round this? I’m not too sure, and have 19 days in which to make up my mind.

Your help, however, would be appreciated. So, is it worth it?