This last month has been a bit crazy. First of all England’s dire performance in the world cup has pretty much consumed me over the last four weeks. I’m honestly not much of a football fan, but international tournaments (especially this one) really get me hooked, so what do we reckon? Italy: 2 France: 1? That’s my prediction.

Then there’s been the work. I’ve got some news, which I can’t talk about just yet, but will in the coming months. It’s all very exciting but it means I’m currently working my ass off, and along with being ill again with the damn colitis, it’s made this past few weeks a pretty difficult time.

There’s a been a number of sites I’ve worked on which have gone live. Footballkitdesigner has just launched in Beta 2. Lots more functionality in there such as team kit designing and now you can purchase your kits online. The Kit Designer section is excellent and offers ways of adding team player names and possibly corporate sponsor logos.

{title}Secondly, I’ve developed a brand and website for film industry sculptor, Bruce Gordon. It’s primarily a portfolio site which uses Expression Engine as its backend and lighbox.js to display the images (keeping it all nice and trim). What is interesting about this project is the photographs which are up there. There are some incredible construction photographs of sets such as the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Batcar for Batman Returns. Fascinating stuff.

Next month I’ll be getting my new phone. I like new gadgets and this little beauty promises to deliver. I’ve opted for an Sony Ericsson K800i (the new Cyber Shot 3.2 Mega Pixel camera phone). I’m hoping with a camera this good on a phone, I’ll begin to take a lot more photographs as I’m wandering around. Also being a bit of a self-confessed Mac geek, I’m half way through designing an OS X theme for it using the delightful Sony Ericsson Theme Creator application for OS X. I’m currently working on a blue aqua theme, but I’ll probably develop a number of different hues over time. The only problem is I can’t change the default icons which is a bit of a shame.

August is looking busy but then Emma and I take a well deserved break to my parent’s place in Portugal. I’m so looking forward to just sitting down, sans-laptop, and just reading a book. Of course that will only last for about a day, then I will be bored and will probably end up redesigning this site. Again.