Well, I thought that went pretty well. Khoi, Liz, Toni and Jason and I sat on our panel this morning, following a rather early breakfast.

As Khoi mentioned in his latest post, I’m pretty relieved it’s all over and I can now move on and enjoy the rest of SXSW.

Liz did a sterling job as a moderator. I mean, she was really, really good in steering the discussion and made sure each of us could have our say.

There were two things I was chuffed about; The room was packed—standing room only—which was great to see for the first panel and I’d like to thank everyone for coming along. The second thing was the questions following the panel discussion. I’d always had an idea that people would either really agree with some of the things we said, or really disagree. And they did, and it was great because of that. Nobody wants to sit in a bland panel, not think of any questions then leave feeling nothing. I’d rather people left feeling really pissed off than feel nothing at all.

The slides will be available soon, as will the podcast. Once they’re up and link them in.

Oh, and that book I was harping about is ‘Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005’ by Phil Baines. A stunning book.

Anyway, I’d love to know what you thought if you were there; pissed off or not.