In March I’ll be heading over to Austin for the third time for the SXSW Interactive conference. This time I’ll be on one panel: ‘Web Typography Sucks’ with the guy behind The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web and fellow Britpacker, Richard Rutter of Clearleft. The second panel isn’t really a panel at all, but a ‘’Power Session’: “Grids Are Good, and How to Design with Them’ with my good friend, Khoi Vinh.

Got my work cut out

So, things are pretty busy at the moment; book to finish, new work piling up for the business (which is great—musn’t knock it), a couple of articles to write and now two panels at SXSW. I’m not going to give too much away with regards to the panels just yet, but I’m hoping they will be light and fairly entertaining yet informative. I’m pretty sure both will be practical and, if you attend (which I hope you will), you’ll come away having learnt something that you can apply day-to-day. Not sure what time we’ll be on, but hopefully it’ll be soon on in the conference so I can kick back and get over the jetlag slowly.

Oh, and if you’re coming I’ll reiterate what a lot of people are saying at the moment: book your hotel now!. Seriously, if you haven’t, you’ll be staying out near the airport. It’s getting pretty full already.