Once again, I’ve gone all Pink for October support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Okay, it’s national in the US, but in this global world we live in, I thought I’d once again support the campaign.

Like most people, I’ve been directly effected by cancer. Firstly, I lost my grandmother to breast cancer when I was about ten years old—at the time, I didn’t really understand what it was, or why she was so sick—but it still left a lasting impression. Secondly, I’ve had friends—young and old—diagnosed with some form of cancer. Some got better.

It’s only in later life I’ve understood how neglect of a condition or problem can have terminal consequences. Yet, it still amazes and bothers me that people ignore such blatant symptoms by burying their head in the sand. Cancer awareness is getting much better, no doubt about it, but still some people think it’s a problem that will go away if ignored.

I try and do my bit. Donating will help of course, but money can only go so far. Awareness of yourself, possible symptoms and, most importantly, when to go to a doctor, can make a real impact today.