I’ve got to credit Andrew for pointing me in the direction of this one. The JCB Song by Nizlopi is a stunning song.

Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, or maybe it’s the weather, but this song got to me. I had such a stupid smile on my face when listening to it and with lyrics like:

We’re holding up the by-pass,
Me and my dad having a top laugh.
I’m sitting on the toolbox and I’m so glad I’m not in school…
I’m Luke, I’m five and my dad’s Bruce Lee and he drives me round in his JCB…


Such simple lyrics about simple childhood things brought to life by a staggeringly beautiful animation by those clever chaps at Monkeehub. Kind of reminds me of Counting Crows / Radiohead / G Love and Special Sauce (the early stuff mind), with the lyrics of, errrr, Mike Skinner.

Anyway, I’ve bought the album, and judging by the reviews, it promises to be right up my street.