Over the past couple of weeks there have been a few things going around that deserve more of a mention than my lowly ‘Of Interest’ sidebar. So, here they are:

Mobile Web Design

First off, Cameron has beaten me to it and has announced the release of his book, Mobile Web Design, which is due for release on August 28.

This Way to the Web!

As usual, Khoi has been churning out the great posts. This Way to the Web, Print Designers! is a post on a topic dear to my heart. As an aside, this post is a perfect example of how a conversation in the comments can enrich the original post. Here, none other than Jonathan Hoefler made some excellent remarks about the perceived generalisation of print designers.

The Rise of the Graphic Designer

I was pointed to this post about Interaction Design by Greg. It made me cross. The post by Chris highlights some of the differences between visual design (whatever that is!), and interaction design. To be honest, I’m really getting pissed off with the notion of a ‘Visual’ designer being any different to an ‘Interaction’ designer, being any different to a ‘User Experience’ designer. A splintering of an industry into specialisms is fine (see Jonathan’s comments on Khoi’s previously mentioned post), but what’s wrong with being called a ‘Graphic’ designer?

I think it was Chris and I discussed this at SXSW this year. Why is ‘Graphic Designer’ such a dirty job title? And ‘Art Director’ is pretty much missing from the web industry—okay, correction, Art Direction is pretty much missing. It bothers me, it really does. When somebody asks me what I do for a living, I’m proud to say I’m a Graphic Designer. To me, Graphic Designer encompasses all aspects of the process of design in a 2d environment. Simple as that. From the planning and mechanics of production, to the art direction, visuals and copywriting.

As far as I can see, one of the only differences is that of the designer’s mindset; on the web, you lose the control you have in other media. Incidently, Khoi has a panel proposal in for SXSW this year for that very topic. Which neatly brings me on to the next bit of news.

Pick a Panel

SXSW is already picking up pace and it’s months away. The Panel Picker launched this week. I’m down for speaking twice. If picked. Rich and I might be doing a follow up to last years Web Typography Sucks called Web Typography Still Sucks (you see what we did there?). I also might be presenting with the super-talented Veerle (she who needs no surname) on the terribly tricky, subjective topic of Colour, called Using Color: From Black to White and Everything in Between.

I do hope the panel selection process was better than last year. There are six-hundred-and-eighty-three proposals this year, and once again, they’re being picked by the masses. According to Hugh Forrest, who posted on Airbag, the organisers will be more heavily involved in vetting this years entries. Glad to hear it.

Web Trend Map

I received my Web Trend Map in the post yesterday from those talented chaps at iA. If you look close, I’m in the bottom left corner. Which is nice.

Got myself an Employee

I’ve finally gone and hired someone to work alongside me at the Studio which is well overdue. Benn starts at the end of September and I can’t wait!