Well, here it is. After a few weeks in February, several late nights and a lot of help from my wife and the Design in Flight’s Editor Andy, my article “Feeling your way around grids: Making sense of the Golden Section when designing grid systems.” has been published in the latest edition of Design In Flight.

Design in Flight is a fantastic PDF magazine and a bargain at just $3 an issue, which is about ?2. There are some superb articles in this issue from the likes of Khoi Vinh, Suw Charman,

Veerle Pieters and Molly E. Holzschlag.

It all started with a post I wrote on Design and the Divine Proportion a few months ago. The post sparked quite a lot of debate and is still amongst the most popular on this site. In the post I touch on the Divine Proportion, or Golden Section, and how it affects design.

In the new article I take that a step further and show how grid systems can be designed based on the Golden Section and how that not only aides the designers process but also increases legibility and usability.

Hope you enjoy it.