I like Amazon. Honestly I do, it’s just sometimes they really screw things up. I’ve had Tiger on pre-order for what seems like weeks now. Then, a day before the launch I was expecting it to be shipped.

After logging in, it was still showing that it hadn’t been dispatched, but the date that was showing for estimated delivery was yesterday! Strange. So, I gave them a call and they said they’d been inundated with orders and their computer systems had screwed up. So?

Surely they should have expected a high level of sales. Surely their systems need to be able to cope with that. Long story short is that it wouldn’t be shipping from Amazon until the week of the 9th, so I cancelled and ordered it from Apple. It’s just not worth the grief for saving a tenner.

So, there’s been lots of discussion on Tiger so far. Some good. Some bad. What are your thoughts?

One thing that has been concerning me is my lack of backup procedure at the moment (looks like i’m not alone either!). I’ve been holding out for Lacie to release their Ethernet Minidisk as it looks like a really handy piece of kit for a home network. Anyhow, I’m hoping Tiger’s Backup and Install feature is robust enough not to screw things up.

We’ll see in a couple of days.