A month ago, I travelled to Seattle for An Event Apart and got myself an iPad. A month in, and up until this morning, it hadn’t really changed the way I interact with the web. This morning, I bought NetNewsWire for the iPad, and I think it’s going to make me read blogs again.

Like many people, over the past couple of years, i’ve relied on Twitter to provide me with links to blog posts from people I follow. It worked well for a while, but when you live on a diet of 100 characters or so, you get get thin, jittery and unhappy. For a long time, I’ve been unhappy with the way Twitter has altered my content consuming behaviour. I’m hoping that by having a device that won’t multitask (for now, I think this is a feature, not a bug), and provide me with daily feeds in an almost newspaper-like format, will get me back to reading long-form again.

Oh, and this was posted using the Wordpress app on said iPad. Maybe I’ll start blogging more again. You never know, pigs might fly.