{title}A week or so ago, can’t remember exactly when, I followed a link from Jon’s site to the latest Beta of Camino. I’ve used Camino a few times over the months, mostly when it was in early alpha stage, but ended up ditching it for Firefox.

I’ve been using it pretty much exclusively for a week or so now and it is very good.

I don’t what makes a browser on a Mac a good one, or rather one that feels like it belongs. Firefox never did feel like a Mac application - it always felt like a badly implented port from PC, which is a bit of a shame. Camino however feels like a Mac app through and through.

Camino browser


Yes, it’s very fast. From opening to rendering pages, Camino seems to have the edge over every other Mac browser. It just feels lightweight compared to Safari and FF.


Absolutely packed with them - just have a look. From Annoyance blocking and tabbed browsers to Spotlight integration.


For a beta, yes, it’s really stable. In fact it seems to be more stable than FF.

Is there room for yet another browser?

That is the question. It’s not so bad with Camino being built on Gecko Mozilla 1.8 rendering engine so at least there aren’t to many problems there.

Browser choice is a funny thing. Sometimes dictated by fashion, sometimes by habit or ignorance. I tend to fall somewhere between the first two. I guess I’ll habitually use Safari, but I’ll dip into other browsers occasionally (incidentally, I’m talking about general browsing here, not development or testing).

What I’d like to see

More of the same. Please Camino, stay trim. Don’t go bloating with features and end up like another Omniweb. Stay looking like a Mac application although you could do with losing the candy coloured buttons, I’m not really a fan.

Have a go

Have a go of Camino - it’s really quite good! There’s a great support page, with loads of helpful faq’s to get you started.