I’ve made a couple of changes ‘round these parts’. New ‘of interest’ links (which means you’ll need to re-subscribe), a photo gallery and a new Live Search.

Del.icio.us (ly) interesting

First off, I’ve now moved my ‘Of Interest’ links over to Del.icio.us rather than them being handled in EE. This is nothing against Yoshi’s superb Linklist Module. I was finding though, over time, that it was a bit of a headache to update all the archive sections. So, everything in now in Del.icio.us. The previous ‘Of Interest’ feed doesn’t work (in fact, did it ever work?) but you can get all the latest by subscribing to my Del.icio.us feed.

What took me so long to come round to del.icio.us? Not sure really. Cocoalicious had a lot to do with it, as did having a machine in work that I could install it on (which happened this week). The EE Magpie plugin, which is used to pull in the RSS data, does have a bit of a clitch in it though which means that sometimes you may only see 4 instead of 7 links on the page. I’m doing my best nagging to try and get it fixed.

Photo gallery

Why am I not using Flickr like everyone else? Well, EE ships with a bloody good gallery module and since I’ve already paid for that I may as well use it right?

There’s not much up there at the moment and it will mostly stay as personal stuff for friends and family so don’t be expecting any masterpieces on the photography front — you won’t find them. Have a look if you fancy though.

Live search

This one’s been knocking around for about a year now, but I never got round to finishing it off.

Pretty straight forward stuff. See the little search icon in the top left? Click it, then search. That’s it.

A few points though before I get slammed for a shoddy job. 1. It’s not finished yet. And 2. I’m not sure I even like it yet, so it may go.

Please dump your cache and refresh. I’ve made a bunch of changes that will look pig ugly if you don’t.