Maybe it’s something about spring or maybe it’s the 48 hours I spent on a plane recently, but I thought it was about time I spruced this site up. Actually, the main reason goes back to @media last year when Jeremy included in his presentation a javascript image gallery. It kind of spiralled, totally out of control, from there really.

There’s quite a few changes. I’ve gone for a wider, more flexible four column grid, which I use in more configurations than the previous site. Typography wise, I’ve ditched Helvetica in favour of a serif, in this case Georgia. There’s also a logotype. I hope you agree, more of an evolution from the previous design.

One thing I am excited about in this new design is actually the new piece in my portfolio: The International Baccalaureate Organization’s Online Curriculum Centre and Workshop Resource Centre. Bit of a mouthful, but this was a fantastic project to work on. From April to January last year, I worked with the IBO to produce web standards based templates for these great applications.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks being unable to post due to replication issues, it’s nice to be back!