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European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Leading a team of digital product owners across EMBL. Responsible for supporting the development of the digital communications strategy for the whole of EMBL with key responsibilities for internal and external web products, and a focus on design and publication systems for EMBL’s digital properties, tools and services. Key projects were a replatforming of EMBL's publication platform, and a new design system and brand identity.

Focus and outcomes: Brand architecture and digital strategy, Design system, Publishing platform.


Conde Nast

Focussed on a rapid design sprint over four weeks to build the bare bones of the pan-global Vogue design system, starting with the pilot. Establishing rules and guidelines with the London-based team, we focussed on building out the UI library and decisions on brand fundamentals: colour, typefaces, design patterns and components.

Focus and outcomes: pilot, Vogue design system pilot.



Leading Monotype's digital brand team with responsibility for all Monotype digital brand touchpoints. Working with IA, we delivered and expanded the design out to a entire design system. A key project was the new Specimen System for creating rapidly deployable type specimens focussed on designer evaluation and rapid decision-making. The new specimens went from approximately three day production, to just over an hour. The time saved was reinvested in user research activities to further understand how designers make decisions on typefaces.

Focus and outcomes: Brand architecture and digital strategy, Design system, Type specimen system.


Al Jazeera

Designing and integrating a global design system for Al Jazeera in four languages and across four markets. Mark was instrumental in driving user research activites in Al Jazeera to understand modern news consumption during Al Jazeera's rise in popularity during the Arab Spring. These insights directed key elements of the new interface still in use today with a focus on timeliness, topics, citizen journalism.

Focus and outcomes: Design strategy, Al Jazeera English, Replatforming Al Jazeera Arabic, Design system.



Designing and building CERN's new website, design language, and core systems in preparation for the announcement of discovery of the Higgs Boson. Mark worked on defining the digital strategy for CERN's new internal and external websites. The work was broad; encompassing deep legacy systems through to campaign websites and onsite applications. The main focus was the new website and integration of Drupal as the CMS of choice at CERN.

Focus and outcomes: Design strategy, Higgs Boson Announcement,, Design system.



Mark has worked with ESPN on and off since 2008. Firstly with Cricinfo before expanding to other projects such as ESPN Soccer and the beginnings of ESPN's global design language project in 2013. Mark was instrumental in driving data-driven design decisions with regards to typography and layout working closely with ESPN's team in London and the US.

Focus and outcomes: Design system, ESPN Soccer,,

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