What’s missing from DIF?

Finally after months of wondering if it was worth it (yes, yes, I know it’s only ten bucks) i’ve finally subscribed to four issues of DIF. I’ve got to say, so far i’m very impressed.

The content is good and very well positioned to appeal to seasoned industry veterans and novices alike. But, yes there is a but…

I found the content didn’t address some of the core fundamentals of design theory - eg, colour, balance, typography, grids etc. Now maybe DIF isn’t the place for this. But I feel that some solid theoritical articles, especially surrounding a dying practice of correct typography and grid design, were missing from the issues I have.

I’ve been thinking of a number of articles that I might write for submission, and if they’re not accepted then i’ll just leave them posted up here.

So, what do you think should be in DIF? 

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