Upcoming downtime

Update: Why is migrating domain names such a pain in the ass? Basically most ISP’s are slow to respond when possibly taking business away from them. Anyway, snooch.org.uk and markboulton.co.uk are on the migration path, so expect imminent downtime (probably a holding page from Easily.co.uk) and then some more downtime for the nameservers to change.

It’s only when the domains have been fully migrated can I set up the MySQL databases as they now run off a different server on Dreamhost (who create a subdomain for your database instead of ‘localhost’, hopefully this won’t cause any problems with EE).

So, please bear with me. I expect domain downtime to be a day or so.

Due to a change of host (thanks to everyone who commented on the last post. And the winner was… drum roll… Dreamhost), this site is going to probably be down, or something like that, for a day or so in the next few days whilst I try and get expression engine up and working etc.

Thanks for your patience.

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