The Relaunch

Update: Slight changes to the design, some problems with the old design. Mac Ie stylesheet deleted until I can get it to work properly.

Here it is, my new site.

As you can see a lot of changes have happened. In fact a (near) complete redesign has taken place. Only the journal remains pretty much intact (data wise). Everything else you see is brand spanking new. In fact I can’t quite believe it myself.

A year in the planning and designing and two months in the making. It’s been a great learning experience, even if it’s one I wont be repeating the near future.

I still have tons to do, such as populating the portfolio with old and new work. In the meantime you can still look at the old portfolio here .

A more detailed post will follow this shortly regarding the redesign. Until then, feel free to have a look around.

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