That’ll teach me

Just tried using the dynamic template functionality in MT3.1 and, yes, it broke the About section completely. I’m currently scouring the MT forums to try and fix it. I think MT still thinks it is building a dynamic site, when in fact it’s not. Also, that section has some complex subcategories going on in it, so that could be a problem too. Bugger. Anyone have any suggestions?

Update: Ok, fixed the category archives now and the dynamic publishing is working. Just got to sort out the navigation and the homepage. Discovered a slight glitch in MT’s template management. If you are linking to a template, you have to delete what is there in the editable box, then save and rebuild. That way it references the external template again. Took me ages to fathom this out.

Update 2: Not bothering at this point. Until six Apart resolve some issues with the sub-categories and the complexity of going dynamic, i’m not going to bother having just got this site up and running. I think i’ll carry on with thinking about getting the content ship-shape. D.Keith Robinson has a good write up and he explains the reasons why i’m not bothering very well.

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