SXSW - the highlights and lowlights (so far)

The conference has been good so far. The attendance is through the roof although it’s disappointing not to see more of a global representation, both on the panels and in the attendees.

The highlights so far have been:

Hi-Fi Design with CSS
CSS, the good, the bad and the ugly
The frontiers of User Experience

The lowlights:

Non-traditional navigation

I think my fave so far has been the “Frontiers of User Experience”. This was originally to be give by Jesse James Garrett, but he couldn’t make it, so Jeff Veen did it instead. A very, very good panel. Some interesting things cameout of it, most of which was that we’re going the right direction at work, we really are. Once he posts the presentation on the Adaptive PAth site, i’ll link it in here.

I’ve got a bunch of the panels to write up, once I’ve done it i’ll chuck them up here, there’s some great resources come out of these panels.

More to come…

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