Spam, eggs and chips

Without the eggs or chips. Rubbish. MT Blacklist is just not working well for me. I came in this morning to over 800 comments on the system, true Blacklist caught about 700 of these but still the hit on the server can’t be good.

Life with EE is looking good so far, although I haven’t delved too much into it yet. I discovered some problems with posting comments behind our firewall in work, which is a bit odd.

There’s going to be a new look here at, probably in the new year, once I get EE up and running. It’s going to be a lighter, fresher design and with ditching MT i’m able to go XHTML Strict with the code. It also looks like i’ll be saving about 20% in page weight as well with the new design. The portfolio section has been reworked which such make it a bit more usable. It’s also taking advantage of EE’s excellent category management system with category specific pages now, which are lacking at the moment.

I’ll be posting more about EE as I go along.