Snooch Phase 2 is looming

It’s been on my mind for a while. It was always part of the plan to include my portfolio and have a more generic section for CV stuff etc. I’m getting pretty familiar with MT now, my CSS knowledge has also increased. So, i’m starting to think about what i’m goign to do with Phase 2.

The site as it stands is a bit to “Bloggy” which I don’t like. It doesn’t show my design skill off very well, and i’m not the most interesting or technically adept author so it falls down there also. I think in terms of the direction of the site, it’s lost it’s way a touch. So, i’m bringing it back to what it should be. A portfolio (true with a journal, articles and resources too, but mostly these will be my benefit)

I’ve made the decision to do this properly again. So, i’ll be starting with mapping the content and structure. Defining Categories and Access Structure as well as cross-site navigation issues. From there i’ll begin wireframing the templates and begin prototyping, once the “white site” is working how I want it to in MT (hopefully version 3 will be up and running by then) I’ll apply the visual design. I’m goign to do my best to get it right with the CSS, or as right as I can in terms of ease of updating, validation etc. I’ll also be making the move over to XHTML Strict to get a handle on that (I think this site is almost there anyway).

So, that’s the plan. But first i’m getting married. I’m hoping to phase the launch over a period of a couple of months, but we’ll cross that particular bridge when I come to it.

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