Shame on me …

For not writing anything for a month. shockingly bad. But in my defense i’ve had a lot going on. I’ve been on holiday to Switzerland, snowboarding, and broke my finger on the second day which was rubbish. So, now i’m strapped up with visits every couple of weeks to fracture clinic. On top of that i’ve had a stinker of a cold. Other than that, what’s happening?

Well, work wise things are ticking along with several big launches coming up as well as an increasing usability / IA work load. On top of that i’m heavily involved in the content management workflow. BUT, the cool thing is, i’m off to SXSW in March for 7 days in the US of A. Should be really good. Some big names are there, so hopefully i’ll be hobnobbing with the likes of Zeldman and Doug Bowman.

I’ll be hopefully getting round to getting the homepage of this site built as well as the inclusion of the portfolio (with a little help from a great article by hicks design) I still need to do the contact forms and stuff as well as getting the photo gallery online too. Should be easy enough, but with organising a wedding as well, things are a little bonkers at the moment.

Talking of Snooch, the knocked back blue look is beginning to bug me slightly so expect an introduction of some lovely colour throughout the coming months in addition to some tweaks to the stylesheets.

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