Scrum V Live

scrumvScrum V finally goes live after six months development, design, writing and testing. The site features match reports, clips, man of the match, votes etc. A great magazine site for a large audience in Wales.

The site was designed to coinside with the launch of the new series of Scrum V and the new WRU season, following the reshuffle of the teams this year.

The process started back in April with site categorisation and card sorting. The old site was a huge, tangled site where the content had outgrown the structure. A remit of the new site was to create a simple structure which would handle the growth, whilst retaining intuitive navigation and user journey.

Following card sorting, prelim designs were produced and tested using bipolar testing and wireframes were tested with heirarchical tests. The tests went really well and helped the design process enormously.

Final designs were created some months ago and reskinned in August with the new TV branding. One of the main points in the redesign was that the site has to be “skinnable” in less than a day of design time. This meant that we can turn round changes to the design very quickly to meet the demands of an ever-changing tv brand.

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