PC to Mac. Outlook & Entourage to Thunderbird

It’s enough to make anyone go dizzy.

Tonight I finally got all my old email from Outlook on a pc, and my old mail on Entourage on the Mac over to One application - Thunderbird. It was a bit of a nightmare.

First off I had to export my Outlook folder’s into one Outlook Express to get it’s head round (this is on the PC), then export from OE on the PC to a format which could be read by an application called MailNavigator, this then exported all the mail as an mbox format which could be dropped in the library folder of Thunderbird on the Mac. Entourage was pretty simple in comparison, all I had to do was drag the folders from Entourage on to the desktop then move them into the library folder. Was it all worth it? Well, at least I know have all the email in one place, whereas before it was in two places on two different machines and two different platforms.