Nokia and getting organised


I’m pretty disorganised and as my collection of things, which help me organise myself - computers, diaries, phones etc - grow, the less organised i’m becoming.

At home, we have have calendar on the fridge. Although I generally don’t add many things to it. I also have a whiteboard in the study which I regularly scribble on. So far so good. So, how come I forget things all the time then? Information overload? I blame RSS.

Anyway, this brings me on to phones and in particular my new Nokia 6230.

I've had quite a few mobile phones now, since I succumbed in 1998 - 4 Nokias and 2 Sonys. My last phone was a Sony Z600. Pretty chunky silver clamshell. Nice phone, shame about the size. I never really got on with it's operating system though. Nokia have spent a huge amount of money testing the operating system. They make great phones that, most importantly, are easy to use.

The new phone is pretty good so far. It's feature packed:

  • Bluetooth
  • 640x480 camera
  • Radio
  • MMC media card (32mb supplied)
  • The usual polyphonic tones etc
  • mp3 player

Getting organised

I've decided to now use this phone to help me organise my life. Here's how:

  • Use iCal at home and work: I now use iCal for my home, and freelance, calendar. These are then published to my server, I then subscribe to both of these from the day job to keep myself up to date.
  • Use Phone Director to integrate iCal and Address Book on my Mac: This application is great and certainly helped clinch the decision to buy this phone. You can edit your sim & mmc card, download / upload mp3's, images and files, which is great because with a 128mb card which I bought my phone can now act as a mini storage device.
  • Use Basecamp for freelance work: I'm giving Basecamp a go. Hopefully this make sure my clients can keep upto date with projects but also it helps me organise milestones etc.
  • Begin to use iBiz for freelance work: For keeping track of time, budgets and invoices. Cheap, useful bit of software - includes iCal and Address Book integration.

You can probably spot a pattern here. iCal and Address Book. These two applications are becoming central to me organising myself - all of the above applications integrate pretty seamlessly with iCal, that means I can create and subscribe to calendars and have them available on my mac at home, at the day job and on my phone. At least that's the theory, the danger it all becomes too much of an effort to keep up to date!

Bluetooth to the rescue

I'm impressed with Bluetooth. Or should I say i'm impressed with the way the mac handles bluetooth. The Bluetooth utility made it sooo easy to recognise the new phone, pair with it, then upload and download information. the hardware dongle is so small I can carry it around with and simply blug it into the keyboard at home and work. I love it when Apple makes things a no-brainer!

So, what do you use?

What apps do you use, if anything, to keep yourself on top of things? I'm particularly interesting in any applications which you use to help with your business - time-keeping, invoicing - that kind of thing.

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